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All memberships are based on a one full year term, starting on the approval date, during which
you will receive all services and repairs based on your membership coverage at no additional
cost. However, some parts needed for some services and repairs may not be included. (please refer
to Exclusions)
Based on the membership level purchased, the vehicle listed below will be eligible for the
services included in your package when needed and recommended by our SERVICE CENTER.
Although our PROGRAM has no mileage and/or year model limitation, a Free inspection maybe
required prior to purchasing the PROGRAM. Once approved, you will receive your welcome
package including your membership identification card in the mail within 7 to 10 business days of
approval. Upon receipt of your card you can immediately start enjoying all the great benefits and
offers available under your membership terms and conditions. When due for service or repairs,
all covered items must be inspected and approved for repairs or replacement by our SERVICE
CENTER. Our SERVICE CENTER uses original Mercedes and OEM parts. All services and
repairs MUST be performed by our SERVICE CENTER only.

Gold Membership Coverage & Repairs

* Free Diagnosis. (Unlimited)
* Free Loaner Vehicle. (Unlimited)
* Free Synthetic Oil & Filter Change.
* 10% Discount on all services & repairs.
* 10% Discount on all body & paint repairs.
* Free Vehicle History Report. (Available upon request)
* Free WiFi Connection. (Available at our SERVICE CENTER)


* All aftermarket modification & non OEM parts are not covered by this PROGRAM.
* Brake discs or rotors are not covered in our free brake pads replacement package, and it
is your responsibility to accept or decline replacement of such parts at the time of service
if recommended by our SERVICE CENTER, however, if you decline the replacement of
any parts needed, NO WARRANTY or repairs will be honored on brake pads replaced
under your agreement coverage and will void any further replacement on such parts.
* Free brake pads replacement coverage does not apply on AMG vehicles; however, all
vehicles with AMG brakes will receive a 30% off the MSRP on brake pads and rotors,
and a 100% FREE installation.

Loaner Vehicle

All loaner vehicles require scheduled appointments for service and are based on repair hours
needed and/or availability.
A copy of a valid driver’s license and full insurance coverage information must be kept on file.
We require an immediate written notice of any changes to your insurance coverage or your
driving privileges.

WiFi User Agreement

You may not use the service to: Upload, transmit, or otherwise make available any content that is
unlawful and harmful. Our SERVICE CENTER uses the most advanced and secured internet
connection services and equipment, however, we are not responsible for any damage or data
loss due to using our WiFi services.

Transfer ability

All memberships are fully transferable.
In the event of a vehicle ownership change, the new owner must complete and sign a new
contract for the remainder period.


Membership fees are not subject to any cancellations or refunds. A prorated refund will be
granted ONLY if the covered vehicle is deemed a TOTAL LOSS by your insurance company,
while in the ownership of the undersigned owner. Proper documentation, Including a copy of this
agreement, a police report, if available, and an insurance report referencing the complete vehicle
identification number and declaring the said vehicle a total loss will be required. This refund is
only available for the first 6 months or 8,000 miles of ownership, whichever comes first.